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  • SICC Talks on Complexity

    The Italian Society for Chaos and Complexity is proud to introduce the "SICC Talks on Complexity", a series of online lectures given in September-October 2020 on hot topics on complexity at large. Each seminar will be given by two prominent scholars and followed by a short debate and Q&A session. Upon (free) registration, participants will receive instructions on how to connect to attend the lecture.

    Each year, the Italian Society for Chaos and Complexity organizes the SICC International Tutorial Workshop TOPICS IN NONLINEAR DYNAMICS, an event where PhD students, young researchers and leading speakers  coming from diverse disciplines meet each other to spend a week talking about science, engineering and complexity. As this year we cannot meet in presence, the 15th edition of the yearly SICC workshop will take the form of a series of online lectures.

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  • SICC Talks on Complexity

Eventi sponsorizzati SICC

  • COMPENG 2020


    Florence, October 21-23,2020 - Postponed

    COMPENG is a series of international workshops founded in 2010 aimed at providing a forum for experts and professionals working on the latest developments in complexity science and its application in an engineering perspective. The topics of the workshop round on complex systems and engineering, as Data and data-driven systems, Biophysics, Bio-inspired robotics and biomedical engineering, Complex systems and networks, Control in sensor and actuator networks, Communication and Transportation, Ecosystems and climate, Electronic and opto-electronic systems, Laser dynamics, nonlinear optics and opto-mechanics, Machine Learning, Neurotechnology and neuroscience, Nonlinear dynamics and stochastic processes, Smart grids, and Time-series analysis and modelling.

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  • COMPENG 2020

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