SICC Talks on Complexity

September-November, 2021


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16th SICC International Tutorial Workshop
"Topics in nonlinear dynamics"

SICC Talks on Complexity
September-November, 2021


Wednesday, September 29, 9 AM CET

Guanrong (Ron) Chen
Optimal Synchronizability of Complex Networks
Stefano Boccaletti
Processes and dynamics in networks with higher order interactions

Wednesday, October 13, 4 PM CET

Eckehard Schöll
What Adaptive Neuronal Networks Teach us About Power Grids
Florian Dörfler
Grid-forming control for low-inertia power systems

Thursday, October 28, 6 PM CET

Naama Brenner
Sloppy control in bacterial growth homeostasis
Elisa Franco
Ultrasensitive components enable adaptation in molecular feedback systems

Friday, November 5, 4 PM CET

Noemi Schmitt
Davide Radi
Explaining the dynamics of financial markets via nonlinear dynamical systems