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  • Controlling Complexity: From Nonlinear Systems To Complex Networks And Beyond

    September 9-10 2022, Ischia (NA), Museo Diocesano.
    The International Workshop Controlling Complexity aims at bringing together researchers from the fields of nonlinear systems and control, optimization, and complex networks to celebrate the 70th birthday of Franco Garofalo who started the research group on nonlinear systems and complex networks at the University of Naples Federico II with a group of students and colleagues who are now established researchers in Italy and abroad. The workshop will gather scholars from the Control Community to share their views and perspectives on the emerging challenges in the analysis, design and control of complex systems. We welcome the participation of young researchers and PhD students.
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  • Controlling Complexity: From Nonlinear Systems To Complex Networks And Beyond

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    October, 19 2022, PALMA DE MALLORCA

    The scope of this event is therefore to push the research on the cutting-edge problem of applying neural network techniques to the interpretation of complex systems’ dynamics, with a particular focus on real world applications. Specifically, we intend to stimulate the discussion on several actual and decisive topics, ranging from the evolution of physical ecosystems to the study of biological systems’ interactions (for example, in the human immune system, for genome-transcriptome-proteome data), from the analysis of communications to social networks and human behavior. From a more theoretical point of view, we would like to discuss the recent developments in the mathematical theory and application of networks and networked dynamical processes, where the interactions among nodes cannot be decomposed into pairwise interactions. Applications of such approaches include analyzing persistent homology structure of data represented by higher-order networks, and uncovering new collective behavior and synchronization patterns that emerge from higher-order interactions. At the same time, multi-layer and modular networks have also found their applications in modeling biological and artificial neural networks and in addressing questions like how network structures affect collective behavior.

    In this satellite, we are inviting researchers, many of whom have worked on both machine learning and complex systems. The goal is to bring together the scientists having expertise in traditional approaches in studying complex systems and networks and expert machine learning scientists for exchange of ideas, and formation of a platform for future collaboration, as well as to deliberate upon open problems in the complex systems and network science which can be addressed by machine learning techniques.

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  • 1st IFAC Workshop on Control of Complex Systems, COSY 2022

    The 1st IFAC Workshop on Control of Complex Systems (COSY 2022) will be held Thursday to Friday, November 24-25, 2022 in Bologna, Italy. 

    COSY 2022 aims to be the first of a series of IFAC Workshops on Control of Complex Systems. The workshop will gather academics and professionals from the control community who share the interest for complex systems, offering them a forum where to discuss current research developments, open problems, emerging structural properties and methodologies.

    The main focus of the workshop is on the study of structural properties of systems which consist of the interconnection of a number of subsystems and which are characterized by the complexity due to one or more of the following features: lack of knowledge about the system dynamics; perturbations,  disturbances and changes of the external demand; uncertainty of the interconnection topology; hybrid or heterogeneous nature of the sub-processes; structural adaptation to moving goals; variable environment; large dimensionality; constrained variables and communication constraints. Examples of complex systems are evolving systems, switching systems, impulsive systems, networks of agents, and, more generally, systems of systems and cyber-physical systems. Applications are found in modelling and control of natural processes (e.g., in biology and genetics), social sciences dynamics (e.g., in community networks studies) and man-made processes (e.g., in engineering design, manufacturing, networks and communications, power distribution, management). 

    Submissions to COSY 2022 are solicited in the form of contributed papers and invited tracks/sessions (through IFAC Papercept submission system). The submission deadline for invited track/session proposals is May 15, 2022. The submission deadline for contributed papers and invited papers is May 31, 2022. 

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  • 1st IFAC Workshop on Control of Complex Systems, COSY 2022

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